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Characteristics, habits and behaviors of a designer.

Designerly Habits of Success

My chapter in the anthology about Habits of Success.


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Image of curious child
Stay Curious
Curiosity, the desire to know, requires an inquisitive mind and a willingness to explore.
image of hands expressing empathy
Be Empathic
Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.
bulb and crumpled paper indicating experiement and iteration
Experiment & Iterate
Don't fall in love with your first idea - experiment & iterate before focusing on one direction.

Designerly = Characteristics of a designer

Being Designerly focuses on the characteristics, habits and behaviors that can make people designer-like, or designerly. This site is under constuction, but I am currently writing a chapter in a book about Habits of Success, focusing on designerly habits that can be used by anyone for success in their lives.

My name is Lyndon Cerejo and I have been working in the field of Design & User Experience for the past couple of decades. I practice design, teach design and am a lifelong learner. If you would like to get a short newsletter every other week, please subscribe. You can also read the current issue